Sasha was a female freestyle\dance singer from the 80’s. Not much information is given about her.
In 1987, Sasha released her debut single, “So Good For You.” It’s unknown how or if the single ever charted, but they have been featured on a few freestyle music compliations.
She released two more singles in the 80’s: “Falling For Your Love” and “Open My Heart To You [Don’t Hurt Me].”
The last release from Sasha was the single, “Do What You Say\I’ll Never Be The Same Again” in 1992.” It’s unknown how well the single did. After that, nothing much had been heard from her. According to a fan-made YouTube video, it’s presumed that Sasha is now deceased.

To see a fan-made video for “So Good For You,” go to:

To see a fan-made video for “Open My Heart To You [Don’t Hurt Me],” go to: