Elusion was a female R&B group from Atlanta that consisted of two sets of identical twins: Tamica & Tonya Johnson and Michelle & Marie Harris. The group was described as a “post-Spice Girls all female urban soul combo.”

Tonya and Tamica grew up in a musical family where everyone sang. They moved to Atlanta at the age of 17.

Tonya attended a culinary arts school and Tamica attended Georgia State University. While in Atlanta, they met up with H.O.P. (which stands for Howcott, Officer and Parks) Productions.

Michelle and Marie were born to an African-American father and a Filipino mother. They were raised on a farm in San Diego, California.

The girls sang in church and later at weddings, clubs, and restaurants. Marie and Michelle traveled to Los Angeles where they recorded a few demos and joined a couple of music groups.

Elusion formed in 1996 when Tamica and Tonya came up with the name “Elusion” to signify the “optical illusion” that they had represented.

Michelle and Marie were in Los Angeles working with music producer Tina Antoine, who was a friend of music producer John Howcott, who was working with Tamica & Tonya.

After talking amongst each other, Michelle & Marie moved to Atlanta and lived with Tamica & Tonya. In 1998, Elusion released their one and only debut album, “Think About It” on RCA Records. It’s unknown how or if the album ever charted.

Their first single “Reality” peaked at #75 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #34 on Billboard’s Hot R&B Singles chart, staying on the chart for 20 weeks.

Their follow-up single, “Medicine” didn’t chart and after that, it seemed as if Elusion had faded into obscurity.

Tamica Johnson provided vocals on K-Ci & JoJo’s 1999 album “It’s Real” on the songs “Momma’s Song” and “I Wanna Make Love To You.”

Her sister, Tonya provided vocals only on “Momma’s Song.” As for Michelle and Marie Harris, it’s unknown what they are up to these days.

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