The Rios Sisters (Awilda and Mildred) are a freestyle\dance music duo. The sisters were educated in Puerto Rico and New York, & are also fluent in English and Spanish. They started performing when they were only 5 years old when their mother enrolled them in ballet.

Awilda and Mildred made their professional debut in New York as back-up singers in clubs such as The Limelight, the Cat Club, and Passions. Later, the sisters met Mickey Garcia (music producer of freestyle musicians such as Cynthia and Judy Torres) and were signed to MicMac Records, becoming one of the first recording artists on the label.

In 1987, the Rios Sisters wrote and arranged their debut single, “You.” The song was moderately success among freestyle music fans. The release of their debut single took the sisters to perform in not only New York and the tri-state area, they performed in Puerto Rico, California, and Florida.

A year later in 1988, they released their second single, “Hold Me.” It’s unknown how well the single did.

The Rios Sisters released two more singles: “I Don’t Want You Back” in 1991 and “Are You Looking For Love?” It’s unknown how well both singles did.

The Rio Sisters continue to perform and have recently released their latest single, “Love Stays” which Mildred and Awilda wrote themselves.

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