Times 3 were an R&B trio from the early 90’s whose members consisted of LaShana Denoy (who was said to be a former choreographer for MC Hammer), Keesha Hollier (who was indicated to be an NWA rapper)  and Stephanie Bell.

In 1991, they released their one and only self-titled album on Solar Records. It’s unknown how or if the album ever charted at all. Their first single, “Typical Relationship” was featured on the soundtrack to the movie, “Deep Cover,” but didn’t make any impact on the charts. The group’s follow-up single, a cover version of the Emotions’ “Best of My Love” also failed to chart and after that it seems as if they’ve faded into obscurity.

According to a comment I received from Stephanie Bell’s mother:

My child, Stephanie Bell, is alive and well singing for her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! She realized that her destiny was not in making record/albums, but rather in making melody for her Savior! She is happily married to a wonderful man, and has two awesome sons!”

As for LaShana and Keesha, neither me nor the Isle of Deserted Pop Stars have any idea about their whereabouts.

To see the music video for “Typical Relationship,” go to:

To see a fan-made video for “Best of My Love,” go to:

[updated on 04\19\2016]