imageTanganyika (born Tanganyika Fredericks) was a 7-year-old rapper from the 80’s who was a part of the infamous “Roxanne Wars.”

In 1985, she released the single, “I’m Little Roxanne” on A-Side Records. Even though the single didn’t make the charts, it was well-known on radio & on the streets. imageAfter that, she released her second single, “The Name Game\She’s Got the Beat.” It’s unknown how or if the single made the charts at all.

imageIn 1987, Tanganyika released her only album “Just Me” on A-Side Records. It’s unknown how or if the album made any impact at all.  image

She released the single “Tanganyika’s Back” before seemingly fading into obscurity.

These days, Tanganyika has been doing positive things to help empower girls. She formed a production company called Urban Rascals Productions.

To see the video for “I’m Little Roxanne,” go to:

[updated on 03-06-14]