Nyasia (born Bianca Batista Santiago) is a female freestyle musician. She has been singing for 20 years and signed to MicMac Records in 1990.

In 1991, Nyasia’s first single, “Now and Forever” peaked at #1 in Miami, Chicago, Brazil, and Texas.

In 1992, Nyasia’s second single, “Who’s Got Your Love” crossed over in California before hitting New York and sitting the top 10. The song managed to peak at #95 on the Billboard Hot 100. Nyasia released her third single, “I’m the One,” but it’s unknown how or if the single ever charted.

Nyasia released other singles: “I’m The One”, “Don’t Waste My Time”, “Stronger Together” featuring musician David, “Two Time Lover”, “Can I Count on Your Love”,  “Midnight Passion”,  “Take Me Away” featuring musician George Anthony, and “Heal My Broken Heart” along with releasing her debut album in 1994.

Nyasia had songs on various compliation albums and released a digital single, “Betray” in 2009. Today, she continues to tour all over the states in clubs and arenas. Her goal is to entertain and promote the music that she loves.

In 2010, Nyasia released her second album, “This is Me” on Tanzania Records. The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, and on the Tanzania Records website.

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