Absolute was an R&B duo from the early 90’s that consisted of members Carolyn Griffey and Tiara Lemacks. Carolyn is the daughter of Solar Records founder and producer, Dick Griffey and singer Carrie Lucas.

In 1990, Absolute was featured on the “Lambada: Set The Night on Fire” movie soundtrack with the songs, “Gotta Lambada” (which was released as as a single) and “This Moment in Time.”

During that same year, the duo released their debut album, “For All Seasons.” It’s unknown how or if the album ever charted. Only one single was released, “Cheap Shot,” but it also didn’t appear to chart.

After that, it seemed as if Absolute had faded into obscurity. Carolyn Griffey was a member of the re-incarnated Shalamar in 2005 after De’Lisssa Davis left and she participated in a talent show in England.

Tiara has done background vocals for R&B singers such as Brandy, Portrait, and Andraé Crouch (which both also featured Carolyn).

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