Sweet Cookie was a female rapper from the 80’s. Even though she didn’t receive national success, she was able to attract some attention in her hometown and near Washington, DC.

She appeared to look more like an R&B singer than a rapper, but she demonstrated that rap music could be melodic, commercial and R&B-minded, but still have an edge. In 1983, Sweet Cookie met her mentor, Irvin S. Lee Jr, a songwriter\producer from Baltimore who brought her to the attention of a small record label called Checkpoint Records.

In 1984, she released her first single, “Heartbreaker” which did well locally. She became the opening act for Whodini and Run-D.M.C. when they performed in Baltimore. In 1987, Sweet Cookie signed to Danya Records and released her first single for the label, “Mind Your Business.” The song became a local hit and sold 25,000 copies around  Washington, D.C.  and Baltimore.

During that same year, she released her only album, “Do You Wanna Dance” which didn’t achieve much success outside of Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

After that, it seemed as if Sweet Cookie has faded into obscurity. It’s unknown what she’s up to these days.

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