Solid HarmoniE were a British pop girl group that originally included members Rebecca “Beki” Onslow (born on January 3, 1975 in Swansea, Wales), Melissa Graham (born on October 10, 1975 in Coventry, England), and Mariama Goodman (born on December 25, 1977 in Lambeth, London).

In 1996, the group released their first single, “Got 2 Have Ya” which failed to chart at all. In 1997, Mariama left Solid HarmoniE to care for her mother and she was replaced by Elisa Cariera (born on June 16, 1978 in Orlando, Florida).

When Rebecca and Melissa were in the United States with their manager, they met Elisa at her father’s restaurant. Elisa was asked to sing a few lines and after that, Melissa asked Elisa to join the group. As they returned to the UK, Mariama came back to Solid HarmoniE and the group became a quartet.

In 1997, Solid HarmoniE released their self-titled debut album which charted in the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, and Norway, but surprisingly, not the United Kingdom. In the US, they were the opening acts for boy bands Backstreet Boys and N’Sync.

Solid HarmoniE’s second single, “I’ll Be There For You” peaked at #18 on the UK Singles chart, #9 in the Netherlands & Sweden, and #10 in Finland. In the United States, the song peaked at #123 on Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart.

The third single, “I Want You to Want Me” peaked at #16 on the UK Singles Chart. The song charted moderately well in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

The fourth single, “I Wanna Love You” peaked at #20 on the UK Singles chart and also charted moderately well in the Netherlands and Sweden.

Solid HarmoniE’s last single, “To Love Once Again” peaked at #55 on the UK Singles chart and #46 in the Netherlands. In 1999, the group disbanded. Melissa went on to do a solo music career while Mariama joined the British R&B group, Honeyz.

Elisa and Rebecca continued with Solid HarmoniE and introduced new member, Jenilca Giusti (born on August 21, 1981 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico) in 2000. They were working on a new album, but unfortunately, it was never released. By 2003, Solid HarmoniE was no more.

Rebecca released her only solo single, “Wake Up” in 2002. Today, she has moved to the United States, is married, and has a child. She is working on becoming a solo artist in America.

In 2000, Melissa started her own solo career and released two singles, “Bulletproof” (which peaked at #89 in Germany) and a cover version of Belle Perez’s “Hello World.” She was working on her solo album that was supposed to be released in 2003, but it never happened. Melissa left her music career to care for her ailing father. Today, Melissa is now works as a songwriter.

Mariama stayed with Honeyz until 2000, but came back in 2006 until the group’s split in 2009. Elisa Cariera was working on a solo album, but it has yet to be released.

Jenilica participated in the Puerto Rico talent singing contest, “Objetivo Fama” where she finished in 5th place in 2006. She has continued to appear in plays and in 2007, she released her self-titled debut album. Jenilica is working her next album which has yet to be released.

In 2013, Solid HarmoniE announced that they were working on a comeback with the line-up consisting of Elisa Cariera, Beki Onslow and Melissa Graham. They started recording and doing photoshoots in March. Mariama Goodman (who was one of the original members of the group) will not be joining the new line-up due to her involvement with R&B band Honeyz.

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