Youngstown was a boy band from the late 90’s\early 00’s that consisted of members James Dallas, David “DC” Yeager, and Sam Lopez. The band’s name comes from their hometown of Youngstown, Ohio.

In the summer of 1999, Youngstown’s first single, “I’ll Be Your Everything” peaked at #71 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was featured on the “Inspector Gadget” movie soundtrack.

During the fall of that same year, the band released their debut album, “Let’s Roll” which peaked at #96 on the Billboard 200 and #7 on Billboard’s Heatseekers albums chart. The album featured the theme song to the Disney Channel series, “The Famous Jett Jackson” called “It’s Not What You Think.”

In 2001, Youngstown released their last album to date, “Down for the Get Down” which failed to make the charts. They were featured on “The Princess Diaries” soundtrack with the song, “Away with The Summer Days.” After that, the band eventually broke up and went their separate ways.

DC is pursuing a solo music career. James is married to Ali Navarro (who was a member of girl group, Nobody’s Angel) and is currently producing music with his brother-in-law, Josh Keaton. It’s unknown what Sam Lopez is up to these days.

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