Trixxx was a dance-pop duo from the 80’s that consisted of members Jepthe Guillaume and Richard McCamery. Jepthe was born in Haiti and lived in Brooklyn, New York.

In 1985, they released the single, “Remember” on SuperTronics Records. Jepthe co-wrote the song and he & Richard co-produced the single. Dance/R&B singer, Jocelyn Brown provided background vocals for the song. It is unknown how or if the single ever made the charts.


Trixx’s last single, “Chill” didn’t appear to make any impact on the charts. After that, nothing much was heard from the trio and it appeared as if they faded into obscurity.

Jepthe Guillaume continues to have an active music career. Richard McCamery wrote and produced music for various artists, but it is unknown what he is up to now.

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