woodsempireWoods Empire was a family R&B group from Diamond Bar, California that consisted of the Woods family: Linda, Rhonda, Iris, Judy and Tommy. boogiesgonnagetyouIn 1980, the group released their first single “The Boogie’s Gonna Get You” on Tabu Records. It’s unknown how or if the single made the chart. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 1981, Woods Empire released their debut album “Universal Love.” It’s unknown how or if the album charted. sweetdelightThe group’s second single “Sweet Delight” peaked at #68 on Billboard’s Hot Soul Singles chart, staying on the chart for 7 weeks. comeongivelove lovemakesworldgoroundIn 1982, Woods Empire released two more singles “Come On Give Me Love” and “Love Makes the World Go ‘Round” which failed to make the Billboard charts at all.

After that, it seems as if Woods Empire has faded into obscurity. Nothing much has been heard from them since.

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