One 2 Many was a Norwegian pop band from the late ’80s that consisted of singer Camilla Grieshel, keyboardist Dag Kolsrud and guitarist Jan Gisle Ytterdal. mirrorIn 1988, they released their only album “Mirror” on A&M Records. It’s unknown how or if the album charted. downtown

The first single “Downtown” topped the charts in Norway and was moderately successful in the Netherlands. In the U.K., the song peaked at #43 on the U.K. Singles chart.

In the U.S., it peaked at #37 on the Billboard Hot 100, #30 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music/Club Play Singles chart, #29 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales chart and #18 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart. anotherman nearlythere writingonwallThe follow-up singles “Another Man,” “Writing on the Wall” and “Nearly There” failed to make much impact on the charts. By 1989, One 2 Many disbanded.

Dag Kolsrud went on to join the band Guys in Disguise and later went on to have a solo career. He later became the musical director for A-Ha’s world tour.

Camilla Griehsel married U.K. singer Colin Vearncombe (from the band Black) in 1990. These days, she continues to be active in the music business, touring along with her husband. It is unknown what Jan Gisle Ytterdal is up to these days.

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