qthushQ.T. Rush were an R&B/funk band from Detroit, Michigan that consisted of London Carmichael (who sang and played keyboards), Nikki Slikk (who played guitar and sang), Wyman Brown (who played keyboards & synthesizers), Allen McGrier (who played bass and drums) and Cocoa La Boy (who played percussion).

The band were protégés of late R&B singer Teena Marie and was also her touring band as well. They were signed to Epic Records. qthushalbumIn 1985, Q.T. Rush released their only self-titled album. It’s unknown how or if the album made the charts. turnitup aintyoubabeOnly two singles were released from the album “Turn It Up” and “It Ain’t You Babe.” Like the album, the singles didn’t appear to make the charts at all.

After that, some Some of the members played instruments or provided vocals on Teena Marie’s albums and other various artists’ albums.

These days, nothing much has been heard from Q.T. Rush and it seems that they have faded into obscurity.

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