imageBianca (born Brenda Reierson from Pine City, Minnesota) is a former pop singer from the late ’80s. imageIn 1989, she released her self-titled debut album on Warner Bros. Records. According to the “Isle of Deserted Pop Stars” blog, Bianca resided in Orange County, California when she recorded the album with her manager (and first husband) Vini Bergeman.

imageIt’s unknown how or if the album made the charts at all and the only single released from the album was “My Emotions” which also didn’t appear to chart at all.

One of the songs from the album “Club Boy” wasn’t released as a single, but a music video was made for the song.

Bianca’s last musical release was in 1992 with the single “Work It Right” which was released on the Macola Record Company label.

After that, it seemed as if Bianca faded into obscurity, but also according to the “Isle of Deserted Pop Stars” blog, Bianca resides in the Palm Springs area with her second husband.

To see the music video for “Club Boy,” go to:

To see a fan-made video for “Work it Right,” go to: