imageMizz was a female disco group led by Walter Khan that consisted of members Isa Picard, Jennifer Jakobsen, Lucianne Buchanan, Mary Tomaselli & Michelle Mills.

Not much information was given about them, but Lucianne was the first runner-up to Miss America in 1975.
imageIn 1980, they released their only single “This Old Heart of Mine” on the Sunshine Recordings record label. It’s unknown how or if the single ever made the charts.
imageMizz’s self-titled album was released promotionally on Casablanca Records and like the single, it’s unknown how or if it made the charts at all.

After that, it seemed as if Mizz faded away into obscurity.

Jennifer provided vocals on Elliott James Murphy’s album “New York\Paris” on the track “It Feels Like” in 1992.

Lucianne starred in the films “Tempest” in 1982, “Trading Places” in 1983 and “Johnny Be Good” & “Chief Zabu” in 1988.

Michelle was the vocalist on the recordings for music project Suzy Q for a year in 1981 and her vocals are on the Suzy Q album “Get On Up and Do It Again” album. Her image is also used on the picture sleeves of the Suzy Q LPs and 12-inch releases.

In the mid-’80s, Mary Tomaselli released an independent album and in the early ’90s, she wrote songs with keyboardist Tommy Zvoncheck and formed a music act called Solar Twins.

It’s unknown what Isa is up to these days.

To see a fan-made video for “This Old Heart of Mine,” go to: