imageNikki Cleary (born Brittney Rose Cleary on May 11, 1988 in Albany, New York) is a former teen pop singer from the 2000s.

Her singing talent was discovered by her grandmother while at a karaoke hangout in her hometown.

Nikki was later entered in a local talent contest (which she won) and was invited by a local radio station to sing on-air.

A few months later, her family decided to move to Nashville in order to jump-start Nikki’s music career. imageNikki gained success with the release of her first single “I.M. Me.” After the song was posted on her website, kids began e-mailing MP3s of it back & forth.

She became a common topic on internet message boards & in teen chat sessions. She also received fan mail from other countries such as Australia, Brazil, England, France & Germany. imageIn 2002 (after two years of recording), Nikki released her debut album “Everything I Wished For” (under her birth name Brittney Cleary) independently under the Free Falls Record label.

The album managed to peak at #45 on Billboard’s Top Independent Albums chart.

In the summer of 2002, Nikki signed to Jive Records where she was asked to change her name because at the time, they already had a Britney (pop singer Britney Spears) on their roster. imageIn the summer of 2003, Nikki released her self-titled album. It’s unknown how or if the album ever made the charts at all.

The songs from the album such as “Summertime Guys” and “1-2-3” received airplay on Radio Disney and appeared on television & movie soundtracks.

Nikki supported the album with mini concerts at malls & middle schools. She also performed on the Nickelodeon network variety show “All That.”

In 2004, she was featured on the soundtrack to the film “Mean Girls” with the track “Hated.”

After that, it seemed as if Nikki faded into obscurity, but she got married in 2009 & now has three children.

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