imageBrothers Uv Da Blakmarket was a hip-hop\rap group from Paterson, New Jersey that consisted of Cool Money Cee (born Christopher McKinney) and DJ Menal (born Eric Menal).

They were discovered by Pookie Gist (the older brother of Naughty By Nature member Kay Gee) & were signed to Select Records. imageIn 1992, the duo released their debut single “Livin’ in Da Bottle” which managed to peak at #20 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Singles chart.

imageDuring that same year, they released their debut (and only) album “Ruff Life.” It’s unknown how or if the album made the Billboard charts at all.

After releasing their album, the duo was the opening act in the Flavor Unit Tour (which featured artists such as Cypress Hill, Apache, Black Sheep, Queen Latifah, Das EFX, House of Pain & Naughty by Nature).

They were also members of the original Source Magazine mobile van tour (which featured artists such as K-Solo, Raheem, Black Sheep, EPMD, the Brand New Heavies and Red Hot Lover Tone). imageTheir follow-up single “Not U Again” failed to make the charts. After that, the Brothers uv da Blakmarket felt that their record label wasn’t doing a good job of promoting them & their music, so they ended up leaving Select Records.

Despite their break-up, the duo continued to be active in the music business.

DJ Menal produced three songs for artist LeShaun’s unreleased album “Ready or Not.” Cool Money Cee appeared on Apache’s album “Apache Ain’t Shit” on the track “Woodchuck.”

These days, it seems as if the duo has faded into obscurity. Not much has been heard about their current whereabouts lately.

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