A-21584-1235774595Chris Cuevas (born in Long Beach, Missisippi) is a former pop singer from the ’90s. His musical aspirations began when he was only 4 years old. At the age of 6, he began playing the guitar and started playing the piano when he was 10 years old.

He opened up for artists such as Lacy J. Dalton, Reba McEntire, Dave Edmonds, B.J. Thomas and Bob Hope. When he was 14 years old, Chris starred on “Star Search” where he won first place in his age group.

After hearing about an article in a national teen magazine promoting pop singer Debbie Gibson and her interest in working with up & coming talent, Chris’ father got in touch with Debbie’s mother who liked what she heard from Chris and ended up being signed to Atlantic Records. somehow

In 1991, Chris released his debut album “Somehow, Someway.” It’s unknown how or if the album ever made the charts.
His first single “Hip Hop” peaked at #16 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music\Club Play Singles chart and #39 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music\Maxi-Singles Sales chart.
The follow-up single from the album “You Are The One” peaked at #58 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it his only pop hit on the chart to date.

On the album, Chris sang a duet with Debbie Gibson called “Someday.” He also went on a world tour with her, going to places such as Los Angeles, New York, Europe & Asia.

After that, Chris moved to Tennessee where he switched from pop music to country music. In 2009, he released an EP called “Rush” which is available for digital download.

These days, Chris continues to be active in the music business, still performing.

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