krystalharrisKrystal (born Krystal Marie Harris on November 7, 2001 in Anderson, Indiana) is a female singer who started out as a pop singer in the 2000s.

Krystal began singing when she was only 18 months old and began playing the piano when she was three years old. She can also play the drums & flute. In 1999, she graduated from Anderson High School when she was 17 years old.

Krystal met music producer Jonathan “Mookie” Morant (who is a protégée of the Backstreet Boys) & together, they began making demo songs. She was later signed to the Backstreet Boys’ record label KBNHA\The Label\Geffen. meandmypianoIn June of 2001, she released her debut album “Me & My Piano” which peaked at #86 on the Billboard 200. Before releasing her debut album, Krystal cut her naturally long blonde hair real short & dyed it black. supergirl

Her first single “Supergirl” became well-known for appearing on the soundtrack to the Disney movie “The Princess Diaries,” but didn’t appear to make the Billboard Hot 100.

Krystal spent the entire summer of 2001 as an opening act for the Backstreet Boys on a tour of arenas in the United States. lovebeautifulthing

During that same year, she provided her song “Love is a Beautiful Thing” for the movie “Legally Blonde” which was remixed for the movie’s soundtrack.

In 2002, Krystal released the song “The Kid in You” for the Disney movie “The Country Bears” and also made an appearance in the film as herself. During the summer of that same year, she dyed her hair “fire red\orange.”

In 2003, Krystal guest-starred on the television series “Touched By an Angel.” She later went by the name “Miss Krystal” and recorded her sophomore album “Hip-Hop Soul, Vol. 1,” but the album was never released.

These days, Krystal (now Krystal Peterson) is a part of a band called Krystal Peterson & The Queen City Band. She has also joined Victor Wooten’s band as the lead singer & working on her next full-length album.

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