imageGia Farrell (born Jeannie Marie Bocchicchio on February 9, 1989 in Suffern, New York) is a female pop singer from the 2000s. She uses her grandmother’s maiden name as her stage name.

Gia began singing lessons when she was 8 years old. She appeared in a production of “Guys & Dolls” and even opened for rapper Fat Joe where she sung songs by Mariah Carey & Beyonce.

When she was 13 years old, she performed on “Showtime at the Apollo” and also on “Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star” & “Star Search.” In 2005, Gia signed a record deal with Atlantic Records.
imageIn January of 2007, Gia released her debut single “Hit Me Up” (which was featured on the soundtrack to the movie “Happy Feet”).

In the United States, the song peaked at #40 on Billboard’s Pop Songs chart, but internationally, it gained some success in countries such as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Europe, Finland, Germany, Hungary (where it peaked at #1 on the music singles chart) Indonesia, the Netherlands, Portugal and Turkey.

“Hit Me Up” was even used as the theme song for the second season of “Germany’s Next Topmodel.”

During the 2006 holiday season, Gia’s song “Christmas Everyday” was released on the Make-A-Wish Holiday CD which was sold at Bath & Body Works.

During that early time in her career, Gia had several managers & handlers (including Clive Davis’ son Doug Davis). After leaving Doug Davis, Gia was forced to find new management, but unfortunately, her new manager was an unscrupulous individual who tried to derail Gia’s career, steal her money and keep her in the dark.

The manager was also successful at terminating Gia’s multi-million dollar recording contact with Atlantic Records & attempted to sue her as well. After a lengthy court battle and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, Gia finally won her court case & she permanently parted ways with her manager.

In April of 2007, Gia rode on the float for the opening parade celebration at the Cincinatti Reds opening day baseball game & also sang the U.S. National Anthem. In December of that same year, she was dropped by her record label and after that, not much was heard from Gia.

In 2009, Gia released a new demo single called “New Religion” (which also had a music video). She later began posting random YouTube videos of herself signing original & cover songs.

In January of 2011, she joined singer\actress Miranda Cosgrove on her tour to promote her debut album “Sparks Fly.” In mid-June of that same year, Gia joined in a cover song with The All Ways band.

Gia even auditioned for the 11th season of “American Idol,” but didn’t make it any further in the competition. After returning from touring with Miranda Cosgrove, she wanted to get back to working on her own music & make the record that she wanted to make, but never got the chance to.

In the late summer of 2013, Gia was introduced to songwriter\manager Zach Neil and together, they started working on songs for what would become Gia’s first commercial release since “Hit Me Up.”

In 2014, Gia formed a pop\alternative music duo called Blackbird. They are currently planning to release their first EP.

To see the music video for “Hit Me Up,” go to: