imageStrickly Roots was a hip-hop group from the Bronx, New York that consisted of Dion Barnes, Rashidd Hewitt and Rohan Robotham. In the 80s, Rashidd and Rohan were part of a hip-hop music act called Nu-Sounds.
imageIn 1993, they released their only album “Strickly Friends (Begs No Friends)” on the Friends Connections Productions record label. It’s unknown how or if the album charted.
imageThe first single from the album “Beg No Friends” didn’t appear to make any music charts at all.
imageThe follow-up single “Strickly Roots Flava” also didn’t seem to fare well on the charts as well.

After that, it seems as if Strickly Roots has simply faded into obscurity. It’s unknown what they’re up to these days.

To see the music video for “Beg No Friends,” go to: