image3Gs were a girl group from the 2000s that originally consisted of Kristi McClave, Amyra and Kristina Anapau (born Kristina Elizabeth Anapau Roper on October 30, 1979 in Hawaii).

In 2001, they signed with Hollywood Records and opened for Destiny’s Child on the MTV “TRL” tour. They were also featured on the soundtrack to the film “The Princess Diaries” with the track “Crush.”
imageDuring that same year, they released the single “One More Second Chance” which failed to make any impact at all.

Kristina left the group to film a television pilot and was replaced by a girl named Monica, who later left the group & was replaced by actress Alisa Reyes (who is well-known for appearing on the Nickelodeon comedy sketch show “All That”).

Alisa later left the group and the 3Gs’ album (which was supposed to be released in 2002) ended up being scrapped & eventually, the group disbanded. Even though their album was released, a few of 3Gs’ songs appear on YouTube.

Kristi McClave went on to become the lead singer of pop-rock band Hope 7, but they disbanded after releasing their only album. These days, Kristi (now Kristi Ramirez) is married & works as a private vocal coach.

Kristina Anapau continues to work as an actress and has appeared on the HBO television series “True Blood” & the 2010 film “Black Swan.”

Alisa Reyes also continued to act. She also worked as DJ for Playboy Radio and a host for PlayboyU online & on air shows. It’s unknown what Amyra is up to these days.

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