missy mist
Missy Mist (born Michelle Brown in the Bronx, New York) is a female hip-hop artist from the late ’80s\early ’90s.

As a child, Missy moved to Miami, Florida where she convinced her mom to take her to a local radio station that rapper LL Cool J was appearing at. While there, her mom convinced the security guard that Missy knew how to rap.

The security guard introduced her to DJ Eric Griffin and his music partner, Norberto Morales, who owned Bass Station Records and Missy ended up being signed to the label, but unfortunately, Norberto was murdered, so Eric formed his own record label called Never Stop Productions and began recording with Missy.
make it melowIn 1988, Missy and Eric’s first track “Make it Mellow” was a moderate hit on the rap charts and the success of the song caught the attention of Atlantic Records, who released the single on a larger scale.
gettin bassDuring that same year, Missy released her follow-up single “Gettin’ Bass.” After that, she was signed to a record deal by RCA Records.
let good times rollIn 1991, Missy released her debut (and only) album “Let the Good Times Roll” which didn’t appear to chart on Billboard’s album charts at all.
let good times roll singleThe title song was released as the only single from the album, but it failed to make any impact on the charts at all.

According to the Isle of Deserted Pop Stars blog, Missy was dropped from RCA Records and she remained in Miami while Eric Griffin moved to Missouri where he was murdered by thieves in his home studio in 1998.

Meanwhile, Missy dabbled in voice-over & acting along with music and being a wife & mother. She also attended school for Legal Studies, hoping to become an entertainment & sports attorney.

In 2013, she appeared in a documentary called “The Bass That Ate Miami” which is dedicated to Miami bass music.

To see a fan-made video for “Gettin’ Bass,” go to: