mochaMocha (born Aleesha J. Rivers) was a female hip-hop rapper from the late ’90s\early 2000s.

Her vocals have been featured on various artists’ tracks such as Missy Elliott, Nicole Wray, MC Lyte and Timbaland.
runningIn 2000, Mocha released her first single “Runnin’ S***” which was produced by Timbaland. It’s unknown how or if the song made the charts at all.

The song was supposed to be featured on Mocha’s debut album “Bella Mafia” (produced by Timbaland and Missy Elliott), but according to research, the album was never released.

Also according to research, Mocha also released a digital album called “One Day at a Time” in 2007, but not much information is known about it.

These days, Mocha resides in Richmond, Virginia where she is a mother and owns her own bakery business.

To see a fan-made video for “Runnin’ S***,” go to: