3rd faze group3rd Faze was a female girl group from Orlando, Florida that consisted of Halie Clark, Minia Corominas and Sara Marie Rausch. Their name stood for the three phases in life (which would be the past, present & future).

The group was formed when Healthsouth CEO Richard Scrushy decided to put together an all-female band to perform on the “Go For It!” Roadshow which was an educational tour that promoted healthy lifestyles for teenagers.
3rd faze3rd Faze was signed to Edeltone Records and in September of 2001, they released their only self-titled debut album. The album failed to make any impact on the charts and it also received negative reviews from critics.

The only single released from the album was the song “Shy” and even though a music video was made for it, it flopped just like the album did.

In 2002, 3rd Faze was signed to Columbia Records after Sony Records CEO Tommy Mottola was given 250,000 shares in HealthSouth stock options by the company’s board of directors. During that same year, Richard Scrushy assigned former actor Jason Hervey (who was HealthSouth’s Vice-President for Marketing and Communications) to managed the group.

In the summer of 2002, 3rd Faze opened up for boy band O-Town and Britney Spears. They recorded four songs for Columbia Records, but after Tommy Mottola resigned from Sony Records & a massive accounting scandal at HealthSouth, 3rd Faze’s record deal was cancelled and by March of 2003, the group had disbanded.

These days, Minia Corominas is working as a makeup artist in Jacksonville, Florida. Halie Clark worked various jobs such as a personal trainer & an event coordinator. Currently, it appears as if she works in retail. It’s unknown what Sara Marie Rauch is up to these days.

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