dante thomasDante Thomas (born on January 7, 1978 in Sacramento, California) is a pop\R&B singer from the 2000s.

After graduating from high school, Dante moved to New York City to pursue a music career, but after his first night in the city, he moved back to home to Salt Late City, Utah where he worked as an electrician.

Determined to give his dream another chance, Dante returned to New York to make a demo and he ended up meeting Pras (who is well-known for being part of the music group, The Fugees).

After convincing him to listen to his demo, Pras told Dante to call his assistant and they would get together at a future date, but after Dante gave an impromptu audition on the spot, Pras was impressed with him and they immediately began working together.
miss californiaIn March of 2001, Dante released his debut single “Miss California” which became a hit internationally, topping the charts in Germany (where it was certified Gold) and Denmark. It was also certified Gold in France, Sweden and Switzerland.

In the United States, the song managed to peak at #85 on the Billboard Hot 100, #31 on Billboard’s Top 40 Mainstream chart and #88 on Billboard’s Hot R&B\Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart (staying on the chart for only a week), becoming Dante’s only charting song in the U.S. to date.
flyIn June of 2001, Dante released his debut album “Fly” on Elektra Records. Even though the album didn’t chart in the U.S., it managed to chart in France & Switzerland.fly singleThe follow-up single “Fly” peaked at #65 in France and #57 in Germany (which didn’t reach the same success as his debut single).

Also during that same year, Dante was featured on female singer Inessa’s song “Guilty” which peaked at #44 in Austria, #33 in Switzerland and #28 in Germany.
get it onAfter that, not much was heard from Dante until about 2004 when he released the single “Get it On” which was moderately successful in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland.
what i gotIn 2007, he released the single “What I Got” which only charted in Germany where it peaked at #96 on the music charts. In 2011, Dante’s song “Damage is Done” peaked at #64 in Germany.

In 2012, Dante was featured on Michael Mind’s songs “Feeling So Blue” and “Nothing Lasts Forever” which became moderately successful hits in Germany.
hardcore on videotapeDuring that same year, he released his sophomore album “Hardcore on Videotape.” He was also featured on music act KRIS’s song “Diese Tage” which has gotten over 4 million views.

These days, Dante’s music career appears to still be active in Europe and he also works for Warner Chapel (which is Time Warner’s sister network) in Hamburg, Germany.

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