keeshaKeesha (born Lakeesha K. Fuller in 1983 in Yonkers, New York) was a teen R&B singer from the late ’90s\early 2000s.

She began singing when she was a child and performed at her grandmother’s beauty parlor. Impressed with her talent, Keesha’s grandmother hired Harold S. McKoy to manage & develop Keesha’s career.

Keesha would later go on to winning nine talent shows in a row, was named “Amateur of the Year” in 1995 and placed second in the Children’s Choice Awards.

The awards that she won attracted the attention of Lionel Job (who had worked with artists such as Keith Sweat, Joe Public and Stairpoint) and he secured a production deal for her. He was able to get Keesha a contract with Mariah Carey’s record label, Crave Records, but the label shut down before Keesha’s music could be released.
you got me where you wantKeesha was later signed to RCA Records and in 1999, she released her debut single “You Got Me Where You Want” which received a lot of airplay in New York, but it didn’t appear to make any Billboard charts at all.
somebody's babyHer follow-up single “Somebody’s Baby” managed to peak at #96 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart, staying on the chart for only 5 weeks.
keep it realDue to RCA Records shutting down their R&B\urban music department (according to research), Keesha’s debut album “Keep it Real” ended up being shelved, but promotional copies of the album became available.

After that, not much was heard from Keesha and it appeared as if she had faded into obscurity. These days, it’s unknown what she is up to or if she is still active in music.

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