tiffany villarrealTiffany Villarreal (from San Antonio, Texas) is a female R&B singer from the mid-‘2000s who has had an extensive music career.

Tiffany was born into a musical family and as a teenager, she & her family moved to California and later Las Vegas, Nevada where Tiffany attended a performing arts school where she met R&B girl group 702 who introduced her to Missy Elliott.

In 1996, Tiffany was signed to MCA Records and was preparing to release her debut album (with Missy Elliott as the executive producer), but due to RCA Records folding, the album was never released.
the hoodBy the 2000s, she was signed to Universal Records and in 2003, Tiffany was featured on rapper Raekwon’s song “The Hood”.
you yourself and youDuring that same year, Tiffany released her debut single “You, Yourself & You” which didn’t appear to make any music charts at all.
rewind the timeHer follow-up single “Rewind the Time” (featuring Raekwon) also didn’t fare any better on the charts as well.
tvillarrealIn 2004, Tiffany released her self-titled debut album, but it was only released in Japan. It’s unknown how or if it charted there and it’s unknown why the album was never released in the United States.

After her stint with Universal Records, Tiffany signed with Pharrell Williams’ Star Trak Entertaiment record label as a member of Latina girl group Affair. She later went on to sign with other record labels such as Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment label and Motown Records.

After that, nothing solo was released from Tiffany, but she made appearances on albums by artists such as Flo Rida & Baby Bash and also co-wrote Fantasia’s song “Trust Him” for her 2010 album “Back to Me.”

In 2013, Tiffany and her music group, the Highlands where they released a song called “Feels So Good.”

In 2016, she released her new song “Flowers on the Wall” on her SoundCloud account and it appears as if she is still active with her music career.

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