rosie-ribbonsRosie Ribbons (born Rosemary Ribbons on July 22, 1983 in Dubbo, New South Wales, Australian) is an Australian pop singer who was known for starring on the ITV1 British talent show “Pop Idol”.

Rosie had aspirations of becoming a pop singer since she was 8 years old. As a fan of Mariah Carey, she learned how to mimic her singing and later began writing her own songs, but during her final school year, she lost interest in it. She later worked at a supermarket.

In 2001, Rosie auditioned for “Pop Idol” and initially performed her own song called “Colours” to the judges. Although the judges were impressed with her vocals, judge Simon Cowell suggested that she should pick a more familiar song & Rosie sang a rendition of Mariah Carey’s song “Hero” which moved record producer Pete Waterman to tears.

Rosie made it to the top 50 in the competition, but was later voted out of the show, ultimately finishing in 6th place. Despite not winning the competition, Telstar Records signed Rosie to a five-album deal reportedly worth £1,000,000 and Rosie supported pop group Liberty X on tour.
blinkIn 2002, she released her debut single “Blink” which peaked at #12 on the U.K. Singles chart, making it her first top 20 hit in the United Kingdom.
a-little-bitRosie’s follow-up single, a cover version of Jessica Simpson’s song “A Little Bit” peaked at #19 on the U.K. Singles chart. Even though the follow-up single didn’t fare so well on the charts, Telstar Records began preparing to work on releasing Rosie’s third single.

Initially, Telstar Records chose the song “Good Thing” was chosen as the third single, but then decided to release a double A-side which would feature “Good Thing” and another song “Heaven.”

After Rosie supported music group Blue on their “One Love” tour, Telstar Records decided to release an all-new track that was supposed to be guaranteed to be a hit. Rosie recorded a modern-day remake of Dee-Lite’s hit song “Groove is in the Heart”.
misbehaving.jpgUnfortunately due to Telstar Records’ financial issues, Rosie’s record contract was subsequently terminated before the third single or her debut album “Misbehaving” could ever be released, leaving them ultimately shelved.

After that, not much was heard from Rosie until 2005 when she returned to the recording studio to work on new songs and an album. She only recorded three tracks which were supposed to appear on the new album, but neither the album or the singles were ever released.

In 2007, Rosie (who was now living in Dubbo, Australia) auditioned for “Australian Idol” with another original song of hers called “Butterfly Wings” and was accepted into the top 100. She later went on to make the top 24, but was eventually eliminated from the competition.
turning-pointAfter appearing on “Australian Idol,” Rosie returned to the United Kingdom to perform and record new music. In 2011, she released the single “Turning Point” (featuring MC Neat). A year later in 2012, Rosie was the featured vocalist on Alonestar’s song “Warrior”.

Since then, nothing much has been heard about Rosie’s music career and it’s unknown whether or not she plans on releasing new music in the near future.

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