too-much-troubleToo Much Trouble were a gangsta rap music group from Houston, Texas that consisted of members Drunk D, Ghetto MC, Bar-None (real name John Vanbibber) and DJ Bad News (real name Tracy Howze) & were known for their extremely violent and misogynistic lyrics.

The group was nicknamed “The Baby Geto Boys” after their labelmates, hip-hop group the Geto Boys.
bringing-hell-on-earthIn 1992, Too Much Trouble released their debut album “Bringing Hell on Earth” on the Rap-A-Lot Records label. It’s unknown how or if the album charted at all. Even though the album’s content was viewed by some listeners as powerful, others found it to be clichéd and redundant & also extremely disturbing.
fugitives-on-the-runThe only single released from the album was “Fugitives On The Run” which was released promotionally, but it’s unknown how or if the single made any impact on the charts.
players-choiceA year later in 1993, the group released their sophomore album “Player’s Choice” which also failed to make any album charts at all.
family-worse-enemyDuring that same year, they released the single “Family Can Be Your Worst Enemy” which didn’t make the charts at all.
too-much-weightIn 1997, Too Much Trouble released their last album to date “Too Much Weight”, but after the album flopped, the group disbanded and faded into obscurity.

It’s unknown what the other members of the group are up to, but on June 14, 2013, Ghetto MC passed away from kidney failure.

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