huckapooHuckapoo was a female teen pop music group from the 2000s that consisted of members Brittany Lahm, Jordan Price, Brooke Mori, Brittney Segal and Lindsay Nyman. The group was formed in 2003 by Brian Lukow (who formed boy band Dream Street) after auditioning hundreds of girls.

The members of the group each portrayed a character from a different social group typically found on any high school campus: Brittany Lahm was Twiggy Stardom (a preppy cheerleader), Jordan was Groovy Tuesday (a flower child hippie), Brooke was P.J. Bardot (a hip-hop princess), Brittney Segal was Angel Sparks (a biker) and Lindsay was Joey Thunders (a punk).

Even though Huckapoo never released an album, their music was featured on various Disney albums.
pixel-perfectIn 2004, their song “Perfectly” was featured on the soundtrack to the Disney Channel Original Movie “Pixel Perfect.”

During that same year, they were featured on the soundtrack to the Disney Channel television show “That’s So Raven” with the track “Where You Belong” and on the Radio Disney Christmas compliation album “Jingle Jams” with the track “Wild Christmas.”

The group also opened for pop singer Aaron Carter at a concert in Staten Island, New York in June of that same year. They also released a music video for their song “Crash the Party.” In April of 2006, Brittney Segal left the group.

In 2008, Huckapoo’s music was featured in the film “Spy School” along with a cover version of the Village People’s song “Macho Man.” By that year, it appeared as if the group had disbanded.

These days, Brooke Nyman is active as an actress, appearing in the stage production “Yesterday.” She has also toured with the Jonas Brothers, danced with the Eglvesky Ballet Company and is also a certified Pilates instructor.

As for the other members of Huckapoo, it’s unknown what they are up to these days and it appears as if they have faded into obscurity.

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