sugar-jonesSugar Jones was a Canadian pop girl group that was created on the first season of the Canadian version of the reality TV series “Pop Stars”. The group consisted of members Andrea Henry, Sahara MacDonald, Maiko Watson, Julie Crochetière and Mirella Dell’Aquila.
r-487853-1121973253In June of 2001, the group released their self-titled debut album which peaked at #2 on the Canadian Albums chart.
r-3143256-1317757826The lead single from the album “Days Like That” topped the Canadian Singles chart for 6 weeks, making it their only hit song to date.

The follow-up single “How Much Longer” failed to make any impact on the charts and after member Maiko Watson left the group to be with her husband, singer Remy Shand, Sugar Jones disbanded.

These days, Julie Crochetière has a solo career as a jazz singer\pianist.

Maiko Watson (who is now divorced from Remy Shand) released a solo album in 2009 called “Sweet Vibration” and appears to still be active with her music career these days.

Sahara MacDonald was also working on a solo career herself and became a part of the musical “We Will Rock You.” It’s unknown if she is still active with her music career these days.

Andrea Henry signed with Entyse Entertainment in 2008 and began performing her live musical band, Crystal Soul.

As for Mirella Dell’Aquila, she is married, working as a receptionist at a private high school in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, seemingly retired from the music business.

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