velvet-empireVelvet Empire was a Canadian pop music group formed through the second season of the Canadian version of “Popstars” that consisted of members Alex Price (born on February 14, 1980 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), Justin Humes (born on December 23, 1979 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada), Janelle Belgrave (born on May 20, 1983), Lacey Block (born on April 30, 1983) and Ryan Hamilton (born on October 3, 1982).

All the members of the group have had backgrounds in music or performing arts prior to “Popstars.”
mi0000458332In 2002, they released their only self-titled album which debuted at #6 on the Canadian Albums chart and was certified Gold.
r-1606613-1231756605The lead single from the album “Frontin’ on Me” didn’t appear to make any music charts, but it received heavy rotation on CHR radio across Canada. Even though the group was nominated for “Best New Group” at the Canadian Radio Music Awards, Velvet Empire later disbanded after their contracts expired.

These days, Alex Price has been working on her own solo music career and as a songwriter, she has shopped songs to other artists, television and film productions.

In 2006, Justin Humes appeared on rapper Manafest’s song “Don’t Turn Away”, but it’s currently unknown what he’s up to these days.

In 2003, Janelle Belgrave began working on a solo career, but it’s unknown if she’s still active with it these days.

It’s unknown what Ryan Hamilton and Lacey Block are up to these days and it appears as if they have faded into obscurity.

To see the music video for “Frontin’ On Me,” go to: