Girls@Play were a British girl group from the 2000s that consisted of members Vicky Dowdall (born on January 23, 1979) Lisa-Jay White (born Lisa Jane White on May 23, 1979), Rita Simons (born on March 10, 1977), Lynsey Shaw (born on June 15, 1980) and Shelley Nash (born on January 13, 1978).

The group was signed to GSM Records and produced by Stock & Aiken (also known as music producers Mike Stock and Matt Aiken).

Each member of Girls@Play portrayed a different character in their music videos: Vicky portrayed a cowgirl, Lisa-Jay portrayed an executive, Rita portrayed a mechanic, Lynsey portrayed a traffic cop from New York and Shelley portrayed a pilot. The group’s gimmick led to them being described as a female version of the Village People.
airheadIn February of 2001, the group released their debut single “Airhead” which peaked at #18 on the U.K. Singles chart.
respectableTheir follow-up single “Respectable” (a cover version of pop\dance duo Mel and Kim’s hit single) peaked at #29 on the U.K. Singles chart. During 2000-2001, Girls@Play were the supporting acts for music acts such as Hear’Say and Steps during their arena tours.

On November 18, 2001, it was announced that the group would be disbanding, but in 2014, it was rumored that Girls@Play would be reforming, but as of 2016, that it has not been officially confirmed that the group would be getting back together.

After Girls@Play disbanded, Lisa-Jay, Rita and Shelley formed a short-lived group called Friday.

These days, Lisa-Jay is seemingly retired from the entertainment business while Shelley is focusing on a career in classical music & Lynsey runs her own boutique record label called Big Finish Records, reportedly working on a solo album.

Vicky went on to form a pop duo called Neway (which later formed into a rock music act called Purple Trap), but these days, she has moved into artist management, founding VDM Management in London, England.

As for Rita Simons, after joining another short-lived music act called Charli, she went on to pursue an acting career, starring in the BBC soap opera “EastEnders” and has performed in a pantomime version of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

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