cristina-monetCristina (born Cristina Monet-Palaci on January 2, 1959) is a former female pop singer who was best known for her “no wave” recordings back in the ’80s. She is the daughter of a French psychoanalyst and an American illustrator-novelist-playwright and attended Harvard, but later dropped out.

Cristina was working as a writer for the Village Voice when she met Michael Zikha (a wealthy heir to England’s Mothercare retail empire), who was starting his own record label, ZE Records and convinced her to record a song called “Disco Clone.”
disco-cloneIn 1978, “Disco Clone” was released as a single which gained some cult success and encouraged ZE Records to release a full-length album.
cristinaIn 1980, Cristina released her self-titled debut album on ZE Records. It was produced by August Darnell (from Kid Creole & the Coconuts). It’s unknown how or if the album charted at all.

During the same year, she released two singles: a cover version of the Beatles’ song “Drive My Car” (also released as “Baby, You Can Drive My Car”) and a cover of Peggy Lee’s song “Is That All There Is?” Like the album, it’s unknown how or if the songs made any impact on any music charts at all.

la-poupee-qui-fait-non Another single from the album “La Poupée qui fait non” was released, but didn’t appear to generate a lot of success.
In 1981, Cristina released the single “Things Fall Apart” on ZE’s Christmas Record. It was produced by Was (Not Was), but it’s unknown if it charted at all. In 1983, she got married to Michael Zilkha.

In 1984, she released her follow-up album “Sleep it Off”. Despite receiving some moderate reception by critics, the album flopped along the only single released from the album “Ticket to the Tropics”.

After that, Cristina left the music business and went on to lead a more domestic life in Texas.

In 1990, Cristina and Michael Zilkha divorced & Cristina returned to New York where she continued to work as a writer, contributing reviews & essays to various publications such as London’s Times Literary Supplement and has also made demos for books on tape.

In 2005, Cristina’s two albums were re-issued and her debut album was re-issued under the name “Doll in the Box.”

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