fire-on-blondeFire on Blonde was a pop\dance music duo from Los Angeles, California that originally consisted of singer Suzie Benson and keyboardist Jim Vukovich.
stop-and-thinkThe duo formed in 1985 and a year later in 1986, they released their debut single “Stop and Think” which didn’t appear to generate any success. Due to creative differences with Suzie Benson, Jim Vukovich left Fire on Blonde in 1987 and was replaced by Swedish keyboardist Scott Rudgress.
bounce-backDuring that same year, Fire on Blonde released their second single “Bounce Back” which also failed to gain any success, but three years later in 1990, pop\dance singer Alisha covered the song which became a moderate hit on the Billboard Hot 100.
wrong-numberFire on Blonde’s last single “Wrong Number” was released, but didn’t chart. It also covered in 1990 by pop\dance singer Alisha for her album “Bounce Back.” In 1988, Fire on Blonde disbanded.

These days, Suzie Benson continues to sing along with doing voice over & writing songs for television & movie placements, vocal producing in-studio for artists and teaches voice & acting. It’s unknown what Jim Vukovich and Scott Rundgress are up to these days.

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