Wessyde Goon Squad was a hip-hop music group from Los Angeles, California that consisted of R&B vocalist\lyricist Babyboy, hardcore rapper\lyricist Berchee and underground rapper Shuv along with producer & DJ Cyrus Melchor. They were signed to Yab Yum Records.
crazyIn 1995, they released their debut single “Crazy.” It’s unknown how or if it made any music charts at all, but Billboard magazine described the single as “laid-back and perpetually cool.”
higherIn 1996, Wessyde Goon Squad released their follow-up (and last) single “Higher” which flopped. The group was supposed to release their debut album “Around The World” sometime during that same year, but it was never released.

After that, not much was heard from Wessyde Goon Squad and it appeared as if they have faded into obscurity, but Cyrus Melchor appears to still active in the music business.

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