tag teamTag Team was a hip-hop\pop\rap duo from Atlanta, Georgia that consisted of DC the Brain Supreme (whose real name Cecil Glenn) and Steve Roll’n (whose real name is Steve Gibson).  Prior to the duo’s success,  DC worked as a DJ at a strip club in Georgia.
Whomp! (There It Is)In May of 1993, the duo released their debut single “Whoomp! (There It Is)” which became their biggest & well-known hit song, peaking at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, #4 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Singles chart, #5 on Billboard’s Rhythmic Top 40 chart and topped Billboard’s Hot R&B Singles chart for a week in July of 1993.

The song sold over 4 million copies and has been featured in many TV shows, movies, commercials & played at sporting events as well.

Tag Team also released different variations of the song such as “Addams Family (Whoomp)” (which was featured on the soundtrack to the film “Addams Family Reunion”) that managed to peak at #84 on the Billboard Hot 100 & “Whoomp! (There It Went)” (which featured Disney characters Mickey, Minnie & Goofy) which also peaked at #97 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Whoomp! (There It Is) albumIn July of 1993, the duo released their debut album “Whoomp! (There It Is)” which peaked at #39 on the Billboard 200 & #28 on Billboard’s R&B Albums chart. It was certified Platinum by the RIAA.

u go girlThe follow-up single from the album “U Go Girl” peaked at #85 in Australia, but failed to chart in the United States.Here It Is! BammIn 1994, they released the single “Here It Is, Bam!” which peaked at #75 on Billboard’s Hot R&B Singles chart, staying on the chart for 6 weeks, but missed the Hot 100.
Audio EntertainmentIn 1995, Tag Team released their sophomore album “Audio Entertainment” which flopped, failing to make any impact on the music charts at all. During that same year, they contributed the song “Pig Power” for the 1995 film “Gordy.”

In 1997, Tag Team’s record label, Bellmark Records faced a lawsuit over the sampling of their song “Whoomp! There It Is” which sampled a beginning synthesizer line from music act Kano’s 1980 song “I’m Ready”.  Bellmark paid several hundred dollars to settle the lawsuit and ended up filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

After that, it seemed as if Tag Team faded into obscurity.

After Tag Team came to an end, DC continued to DJ in strip clubs, but later dabbled in voice acting, photography & online marketing.

As for Steve Roll’n, he was convicted in 1998 for selling marijuana and sent to prison. He was released in January of 2001 & later formed a record label called Merciless Music. These days, he is divorced with a daughter.

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