damozelDamozel was a female R&B quartet from the 2000s that originally consisted of vocalists Brandy Merchelle (from Los Angeles, California), Tasha Goodner (from Indianapolis, Indiana), Lisa Ball (from Los Angeles, California) and Tamisha Lotterberry (from Denver, Colorado). Not much information is given about them, but they were signed to MCA Records.
you don't know me singleIn 2000, the quartet released their debut single “You Don’t Know Me Like That” (featuring hip-hop artist Rah Digga), but it failed to chart at all.

Their debut album was supposed to be released some time during that same year, but after their first single flopped, it was re-tooled and scheduled to be released the following year.
everyday's a partyIn 2001, Damozel released their follow-up single “Everyday’s a Party” which also failed to chart as well, but it was featured on the soundtrack to the film “Two Can Play That Game.”
you don't know me like thatThe quartet’s debut album “You Don’t Know Me Like That” was presumably shelved, although promotional copies appear on Discogs.com.

They were nominated for a Soul Train “Lady of Soul” Award in 2002 for “Best R&B/Soul or Rap New Artist, Group, Band or Duo” for their second single, but they lost to Destiny’s Child.

After that, it seemed as if Damozel faded in obscurity, but around January of 2011, they re-appeared in the music scene as a duo consisting of Tasha Goodner & Lisa Ball and released new music on their Reverbnation page, but as of 2014, nothing much has been heard from them.

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