kballK-Ball (born Kelli Ball from Los Angeles, California) is a female R&B\hip-hop\urban soul singer from the late ’90s. She was discovered by music producer Chris Stokes and was a back-up singer for R&B group Immature.
do it on the upsideIn 1997, she released her debut single “Do It On the Upside” on Warner Bros. Records which didn’t appear to make any music charts at all.
everything's alrightA promotional single “Everything’s Alright” was released, but like the previous single, it appeared to have never made any music charts at all.

During that same year, K-Ball’s debut album “On My Way” was released in Germany (according to Discogs.com), but it was never officially released in the United States (although promotional copies of the album also appear on Discogs.com).

After that, K-Ball went on to write & produce songs for other artists such as R&B group Damozel. These days, it’s unknown what’s she’s up to and it appears as if K-Ball faded into obscurity.

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