Menace ClanMenace Clan was a hip-hop duo from South Central Los Angeles, California that consisted of Dante “Dee” Miller and Walter “Assassin” Adams.

After signing a record deal with Rap-A-Lot Records, they appeared on albums by hip-hop artists Poppa LQ & Bushwick Bill (who is a member of rap group, the Geto Boys) and contributed a verse to the All-Star track “The Points.”
da hoodIn October of 1995, the Menace Clan released their debut (and only) album “Da Hood” which peaked at #44 on Billboard’s Top R&B\Hip-Hop Albums chart and #33 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums chart.

The two singles released from the album “Da Hood” and “What You Say” failed to make any impact on the music charts at all.

After that, the Menace Clan continued to stay with their record label, appearing on the Geto Boys’ album “The Resurrection” and rapper Scarface’s album “My Homies” before leaving in 1998.

The duo’s last musical appearance was on artist D-Red’s album “Smokin’ & Lean’n 2000” and Dante was featured on rapper Lil’ Flip’s underground debut album “The Leprechaun.”

After that, nothing much was heard from the Menace Clan and it appears as if they have faded into obscurity. It’s unknown what Dee and Assassin are up to these days.

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