MC ShanMC Shan (born Shawn Moltke on September 6, 1965 in Queensbridge, Queens, New York City, New York) is a male hip-hop\R&B artist, songwriter & producer. He is the cousin of DJ and record producer Marley Marl.
feed the worldIn 1985, he released his debut single “Feed the World” on MCA Records. It’s unknown how or if the song charted, but he was later dropped from the label. Despite that, he signed with Cold Chillin’ Records due to his relationship with Marley Marl & became a member of his Juice Crew All-Stars.

During that same year, MC Shan was involved in a hip-hop rivalry called “The Bridge Wars” (which was caused by a dispute over hip-hop music’s true birthplace and the retaliation over rejecting a record for airplay) that involved Marley Marl’s Juice Crew and hip-hop group Boogie Down Productions.

The feud began when he and Marley Marl released a track called “The Bridge.” It would eventually come to an end towards the end of the ’80s.

In 2016, MC Shan revived his part of the feud in an interview, pointing out that they never actually battled & that he was showing some resentment regarding the claim the KRS “took Shan out” and having to live with the stigma of “losing” the battle.

He would also claim that he wanted to record a response to the track “The Bridge Is Over”, but Marley Marl stopped him from doing so. He also included a three-minute freestyle in an over the phone interview and KRS quickly responded.
down by lawIn August of 1987, MC Shan released his debut album “Down By Law” which peaked at #40 on Billboard’s R&B Albums chart, but missed the Billboard 200.
let me lonelyThe only charting single from the album was the track “Left Me Lonely” which peaked at #71 on Billboard’s Hot Black Singles chart (staying on the chart for 9 weeks).

The other singles from the album: “Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing!”, “Beat Biter” and a remixed version of the album’s title track didn’t appear to make a lot of impact on the charts.
born to be wildIn October of 1988, MC Shan released his follow-up album “Born to Be Wild” which didn’t appear to chart at all.

The only single released from the album was “I Pioneered This”, but it’s unknown how or if it charted at all. During that same year, he was featured on the soundtrack to the film “Colors” with the track “A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste”.
play it again shanIn 1990, MC Shan released his third (and last album to date) “Play it Again, Shan” which displayed a more mature style than his previous two albums, but didn’t appear to chart at all.

The singles released from the album “It Don’t Mean A Thing”, “Time For Us To Defend Ourselves” and “Ain’t It Good To You” didn’t appear to make any impact on the charts.

In 1992 and 1993, MC Shan released two singles on Cold Chillin’ Records’ sub-label, Livin’ Large: “Hip Hop Roughneck” and “Pee-Nile Reunion / Don’t Call It A Comeback.” Also in 1993, he produced Canadian hip-hop artist Snow’s song “Informer” which became a number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

His recording career took a break as he focused on producing music, but he was featured on Nas’ 2000 compliation album “QB’s Finest” on the track “Da Bridge 2000.”

These days, it appears as if MC Shan is still active with his music career and according to his Facebook page, he is planning on releasing a new album in mid-June of this year.

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