Four-Corners was an all-female R&B music act that consisted of Corina Chavez, Shallee Fournier, Leticia Ascencio (born in Tijuana, Mexico) and Eva Lynn Marquez. Not much information is is given about them, but they were signed to Mercury Records.

In 1994, they were featured on the soundtrack to the film “Mi Vida Loca” with the tracks “Girls It Ain’t Easy” and a cover version of rock music group Malo’s 1972 song “Suavecito”. The tracks were released as singles, but didn’t appear to make the charts. After that, it seemed as if 4-Corners had faded into obscurity.

These days, Leticia is still active in the music business as a singer\songwriter. She has worked with artists such as Eden’s Crush, Nobody’s Angel, Katalina, Rigo Luna, Danielle Romo and Puerto Rican Power, has also worked with various producers & songwriters and her music appearing in various television programs.

As for Corina, Shallee and Eva Lynn, their whereabouts are currently unknown.

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