day zsThe Day Zs was a female R&B girl group formed by Morris Day (the lead singer of The Time) which consisted of Cheri Wells (who was a part of the original line-up of the Mary Jane Girls), Cecila Worrall, Kelli Gurman, Tiffanie Smith and Shari Bender.
day z's albumIn 1990, the group released their self-titled (and only) album on Reprise Records. It’s unknown how or if the album ever charted at all.
certainlyThe only single released from the album “Certainly” didn’t appear to make a lot of impact and after that, they seemingly faded into obscurity.

After the group disbanded, Kelli Gurman went on to tour with artists such as Teena Marie, Karyn White and Christopher Cross (according to the Isle of Deserted Pop Stars) She now goes under the name “Remi,” released an EP called “A Taste of Eden” and released two singles in 2012: “Chance of Circumstance (Dance of Life)” & “House Cleaning.”

Cheri Wells rejoined the Mary Jane Girls in 2010 and continues to perform with them.

Cecila Worrall went on to tour & perform with various artists such as Michael Bolton, Guns ‘n Roses, John Tesh, Lenny Kravitz and Diana Ross. Currently, she is the owner of Worrall Rubin Music Services (according to

As for Tiffanie Smith and Shari Bender, it’s unknown what they are up to these days.

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