brain damageBrain Damage was a male hip-hop artist from the early ’90s. Not much information is given about him, but he was signed to the Hot Records Label.
bdmage 6 AMIn 1990, he released his only album to date “6AM.” It’s unknown how or if the album charted at all.
gimme that thingThe only single released from the album was “Gimmie That Thang\Africa From the Zulu Nation” which didn’t appear to chart at all.
brain damage ohh babyAfter that, nothing much was heard from Brain Damage until 1998 when he released the single “Ohh Baby Baby” on BackStage Records which also didn’t appear to make any impact on the music charts at all.

After that, it appears as if Brain Damage has faded into obscurity. It’s unknown what he’s currently up to these days.

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