CyrenaCyrena (from San Francisco, California) was a female pop singer who first began singing when she was 8 years old.

At the age of 9, she appeared on the “Jenny Jones” talk show where she performed an original song called “Me Loves You.” In 1999, after impressing then-Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola, Cyrena was immediately signed to Epic Records.
R-8305545-1459013884-6136In 2000, Cyrena was featured on the soundtrack to the film “Center Stage” with the track “Get Used to This.” After that, she took a break from the music scene to focus on her family & school.

Cyrena would later return to the music scene where she dabbled in electro-pop\R&B music. She released three tracks on her SoundCloud page, but nothing much has been heard from her in the past 4 years and it appears as if she has faded into obscurity.

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