Tiffany AffairTiffany Affair was a pop\R&B girl group from Manhattan, New York that originally consisted of Ayanna (born in 1988), Bianca (born in 1988), Gabrielle (born in 1990) and Natasha (born in 1990). Part of their group’s name was inspired by the first studio they worked in: an old factory where Tiffany Jewelry was crafted on Tiffany Blvd.

The girls met in elementary school where they sang together in choir along with performing in musical theater & commercials. As they got older, the group later decided to pursue a professional singing career and would go on to sign a record deal with Reprise Records thanks to guitarist Robert Randolph.
start a fireIn 2006, Tiffany Affair released their debut single “Start a Fire” featuring rapper Jody Breeze. It’s unknown how or if the single made any impact on the charts at all.

At some point during that same year, Natasha was asked to leave Tiffany Affair due to a severe drug problem which began to give the group a poor image on and backstage during private interviews. After Natasha’s departure, Tiffany Affair was now a trio which consisted of Ayanna, Bianca and Gabrielle.
over itIn 2007, the group released their follow-up single “Over It” which managed to peak at #43 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music\Club Play Singles chart.

Their debut album “Flavors” was supposed to be released sometime around mid-2007, but due to unknown reasons, it was shelved and after that, it seemed as if Tiffany Affair had disbanded.

These days, it’s currently unknown what the members of Tiffany Affair are up to these days and it appears as if they have faded into obscurity.

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