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Fire on Blonde

fire-on-blondeFire on Blonde was a pop\dance music duo from Los Angeles, California that originally consisted of singer Suzie Benson and keyboardist Jim Vukovich.
stop-and-thinkThe duo formed in 1985 and a year later in 1986, they released their debut single “Stop and Think” which didn’t appear to generate any success. Due to creative differences with Suzie Benson, Jim Vukovich left Fire on Blonde in 1987 and was replaced by Swedish keyboardist Scott Rudgress.
bounce-backDuring that same year, Fire on Blonde released their second single “Bounce Back” which also failed to gain any success, but three years later in 1990, pop\dance singer Alisha covered the song which became a moderate hit on the Billboard Hot 100.
wrong-numberFire on Blonde’s last single “Wrong Number” was released, but didn’t chart. It also covered in 1990 by pop\dance singer Alisha for her album “Bounce Back.” In 1988, Fire on Blonde disbanded.

These days, Suzie Benson continues to sing along with doing voice over & writing songs for television & movie placements, vocal producing in-studio for artists and teaches voice & acting. It’s unknown what Jim Vukovich and Scott Rundgress are up to these days.

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cristina-monetCristina (born Cristina Monet-Palaci on January 2, 1959) is a former female pop singer who was best known for her “no wave” recordings back in the ’80s. She is the daughter of a French psychoanalyst and an American illustrator-novelist-playwright and attended Harvard, but later dropped out.

Cristina was working as a writer for the Village Voice when she met Michael Zikha (a wealthy heir to England’s Mothercare retail empire), who was starting his own record label, ZE Records and convinced her to record a song called “Disco Clone.”
disco-cloneIn 1978, “Disco Clone” was released as a single which gained some cult success and encouraged ZE Records to release a full-length album.
cristinaIn 1980, Cristina released her self-titled debut album on ZE Records. It was produced by August Darnell (from Kid Creole & the Coconuts). It’s unknown how or if the album charted at all.

During the same year, she released two singles: a cover version of the Beatles’ song “Drive My Car” (also released as “Baby, You Can Drive My Car”) and a cover of Peggy Lee’s song “Is That All There Is?” Like the album, it’s unknown how or if the songs made any impact on any music charts at all.

la-poupee-qui-fait-non Another single from the album “La Poupée qui fait non” was released, but didn’t appear to generate a lot of success.
In 1981, Cristina released the single “Things Fall Apart” on ZE’s Christmas Record. It was produced by Was (Not Was), but it’s unknown if it charted at all. In 1983, she got married to Michael Zilkha.

In 1984, she released her follow-up album “Sleep it Off”. Despite receiving some moderate reception by critics, the album flopped along the only single released from the album “Ticket to the Tropics”.

After that, Cristina left the music business and went on to lead a more domestic life in Texas.

In 1990, Cristina and Michael Zilkha divorced & Cristina returned to New York where she continued to work as a writer, contributing reviews & essays to various publications such as London’s Times Literary Supplement and has also made demos for books on tape.

In 2005, Cristina’s two albums were re-issued and her debut album was re-issued under the name “Doll in the Box.”

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breakfast-club-bandThe Breakfast Club was a pop music band from New York City, New York. The band formed in 1979 and underwent several line-ups, including one where pop singer Madonna (yes, the Madonna) was the drummer.

In the early ’80s, the Breakfast Club included brothers Dan (who sang lead vocals & played guitar) & Ed (who played guitar as well) Gilroy, Madonna (who also sang lead vocals) and bassist Angie Smit. Madonna ended up leaving the Breakfast Club to create a new band called Emmy and the Emmys.

In the mid-’80s, the band consisted of the Gilroy brothers (with Dan as the vocalist and Ed as the guitarist, bassist Gary Burke, keyboardist Paul Kauk and drummer Stephen Bray. The Breakfast Club were first signed to ZE Records, but they later signed with MCA Records and two new members: bassist Randy Jackson and percussionist E. Doctor Smith joined the band.
rico-mamboIn 1984, the Breakfast Club released their debut single “Rico Mambo” which didn’t appear to make the charts at all. A re-recorded version of the song was released as a single in 1986, but once again, it didn’t chart.
right-on-trackTheir second single “Right on Track” became a hit, peaking at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100, #7 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music\Club Play Singles chart and #64 on Billboard’s Hot Black Singles chart (staying on the chart for 8 weeks) in 1987. The song was also moderately successful in the United Kingdom & Australia.
breakfast-club-albumIn 1987, the band released their debut (and only) self-titled album which peaked at #43 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The third single from the album “Kiss and Tell” peaked at #48 on the Billboard Hot 100. The fourth single “Never Be the Same” peaked at #8 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music\Club Play Singles chart, but missed the Hot 100.
expressway-to-your-heartThe last single released from the album “Expressway to Your Heart” peaked at #30 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music\Club Play Singles chart and also missed the Billboard Hot 100.
drive-my-carIn 1988, the Breakfast Club were featured on the soundtrack to the film “License to Drive” with a cover version of the Beatles’ song “Drive My Car” which was released as a single, but didn’t chart. During that same year, they were also nominated for “Best New Artist” at the Grammy Awards, but lost to Jody Watley.

The band recorded a second album, but it was never released and after that, the Breakfast Club disbanded.

Since then, Stephen Bray went on to co-write songs for Madonna and in 2005, he made his Broadway debut as the composer & lyricist for the play “The Color Purple” in which he was nominated for a Tony Award for his work on the show.

Dan Gilroy briefly dabbled in acting, appearing in children’s TV programs such as “Mother Goose Rock ‘n’ Rhyme” and “Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.”
percolateIn April of 2016, the Breakfast Club released an EP called “Percolate” which features songs from their unreleased sophomore album.

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Thunderbugs were a British pop girl group that consisted of lead singer Jane Vaughn, backing vocalist\bass player Stef Maillard, backing vocalist\drummer Nicky Shaw and guitarist Brigitta Jansen.
friends-foreverIn 1999, they released their debut single “Friends Forever” which peaked at #5 on the U.K. Singles chart, becoming their only highest charting song to date. The song was also featured on the soundtrack to the film “Center Stage”.
its-about-time-you-were-mineThunderbugs’ follow-up single “It’s About Time You Were Mine” didn’t match the same success as their debut single, peaking at #43 on the U.K. Singles chart.
deliciousAfter the group’s follow-up single flopped, their debut album “Delicious” ended up getting postponed at first, but it was eventually released in Europe and the U.K. (which was released on mini-disc) in 2000.

After that, it seemed as if Thunderbugs faded into obscurity. Nicky Shaw went on to work on writing & programming songs and working with artists such as BB King, Eric Clapton, Lulu, Michael McDonald, Lara Fabian and Taylor Hicks. She also composed tracks for the film “Rag Tale.”

As for Jane Vaughan, Stef Maillard and Brigitta Jansen, it seems as if they have faded into obscurity. It’s unknown what each of them are up to these days.

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madasunMadasun was a female pop music trio from the 2000s that consisted of members Vicky Barrett (born Victoria Barrett on February 12, 1976 in Hertfordshire, England), Abby Norman (born Abigal Norman on April 13, 1977) and Vonda Barnes (born on January 20, 1978 in Hertfordshire, England). The band got their name during the August 11, 1999 eclipse.
dont-you-worryIn February of 2000, they released their debut single “Don’t You Worry” which peaked at #14 on the U.K. Singles chart and #6 on the ARIA Singles chart in Australia (which was also certified Platinum). In the U.K., it also received considerable airplay thanks to a selection of U.K. garage mixes.
walking-on-waterIn May of that same year, Madasun released their follow-up single “Walking on Water” which peaked at #14 on the U.K. Singles chart, but didn’t appear to chart in Australia.
feel-goodIn August of 2000, they released their third single “Feel Good” which peaked at #29 on the U.K. Singles chart and #45 on the ARIA charts in Australia.
madasun-the-wayIn September of that same year, Madasun released their only album “The Way It Is”. It’s unknown how or if the album made the charts at all.

Despite touring with bands such as Five, Westlife, Boyzone and Steps, Madasun were dropped from their record label in January of 2001 due to low sales and ended up disbanding.

These days, it’s unknown what the members of Madasun are up to these days and have seemingly faded into obscurity.

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mytownMytown was a pop music boy band from Ireland that consisted of members Danny O’Donoghue (born Daniel John Mark Luke O’Donoghue on October 3, 1979 in Dublin, Ireland), Mark Sheehan, Terry Daly and Paul Walker.

The band was first established in 1996 after original member Tony Dunne quit a successful boxing career. Tony was friends with Louis Walsh put him in touch with Paul Walker and after a couple of meetings, Tony & Paul recruited Mark Sheehan (who was teaching hip-hop dancing at a performing arts school in Dublin at the time) and Mark introduced his friend, Terry Daly, who would also join the band as well

After touring around England and Ireland, Mytown played in a showcase at the Mobius TV studios which was owned by a friend of Mark’s, Eamonn Maguire, who would become the band’s manager.

After performing at a showcase in Las Vegas, Tony departed from the band and was replaced by Danny O’Donoghue and the band later signed a recording contract with Universal Records. In 1997, Mytown released their debut single “Do It Like This” which was released in Ireland. It’s unknown how or if the single charted there.
party-all-nightIn 1999, they released their follow-up single “Party All Night” which managed to peak at #22 on the U.K. Singles chart.

Mytown’s follow-up singles “Now That I Found You” (a cover version of country singer Terri Clark’s song, which was released in the United States) and “Party All Night” (which was released worldwide) didn’t generate a lot of success.
mytown-albumIn May of 2000, the band’s debut album was released only in Australia and the United States. It was supposed to receive a worldwide release, but due to internal issues within Universal Records, those plans never materialized.

By 2001, MyTown were released from their record contract after Cherry Entertainment was dropped as a label by Universal Records and the members of the band went on to pursue separate careers.

After MyTown disbanded, Mark Sheehan and Danny O’Donoghue went on to form pop rock band, The Script and since then, the band has released four albums which managed to top the album charts in Ireland and the United Kingdom and also gained success in the United States.

As for Terry Daly and Paul Walker, it’s unknown what they are up to these days or if they’re still active in the music business.

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Girls@Play were a British girl group from the 2000s that consisted of members Vicky Dowdall (born on January 23, 1979) Lisa-Jay White (born Lisa Jane White on May 23, 1979), Rita Simons (born on March 10, 1977), Lynsey Shaw (born on June 15, 1980) and Shelley Nash (born on January 13, 1978).

The group was signed to GSM Records and produced by Stock & Aiken (also known as music producers Mike Stock and Matt Aiken).

Each member of Girls@Play portrayed a different character in their music videos: Vicky portrayed a cowgirl, Lisa-Jay portrayed an executive, Rita portrayed a mechanic, Lynsey portrayed a traffic cop from New York and Shelley portrayed a pilot. The group’s gimmick led to them being described as a female version of the Village People.
airheadIn February of 2001, the group released their debut single “Airhead” which peaked at #18 on the U.K. Singles chart.
respectableTheir follow-up single “Respectable” (a cover version of pop\dance duo Mel and Kim’s hit single) peaked at #29 on the U.K. Singles chart. During 2000-2001, Girls@Play were the supporting acts for music acts such as Hear’Say and Steps during their arena tours.

On November 18, 2001, it was announced that the group would be disbanding, but in 2014, it was rumored that Girls@Play would be reforming, but as of 2016, that it has not been officially confirmed that the group would be getting back together.

After Girls@Play disbanded, Lisa-Jay, Rita and Shelley formed a short-lived group called Friday.

These days, Lisa-Jay is seemingly retired from the entertainment business while Shelley is focusing on a career in classical music & Lynsey runs her own boutique record label called Big Finish Records, reportedly working on a solo album.

Vicky went on to form a pop duo called Neway (which later formed into a rock music act called Purple Trap), but these days, she has moved into artist management, founding VDM Management in London, England.

As for Rita Simons, after joining another short-lived music act called Charli, she went on to pursue an acting career, starring in the BBC soap opera “EastEnders” and has performed in a pantomime version of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

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msmMSM was the contemporary latin-pop music female version of Miami Sound Machine which was created by Emilio Estefan Jr. in 2001 and were signed to his label, SunnyLuna Records.

The trio consisted of members Carla Ramirez (who is Colombian), Lorena Pinot (who is Guatemalan) and Sohanny Gross (who is Dominican). The girls met in Miami, Florida with singer\producer Jon Secada and they began working on their debut album. They were also the opening act for *NSYNC in South Beach, Florida.
im-the-only-oneIn 2002, MSM released their debut single “I’m the Only One”. It’s unknown how or if the single charted at all.

During that same year, the trio released their debut album “MSM (Miami Sound Machine)” which also failed to make any impact on the charts in the United States, but received moderately success in other European countries and the follow-up single from the album “Sobe Son” flopped on the charts.
las-miamiIn 2003, MSM released their last album together “Las Miami” which didn’t appear to make a lot of impact on the charts. After that, it seemed as if the new version of the Miami Sound Machine faded into obscurity.

These days, it appears as if Lorena Pinot is pursuing a solo music career, but as for Carla Ramirez and Sohanny Gross, it’s unknown what they’re up to and what their current whereabouts are.

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dana-dawsonDana Dawson (born on August 7, 1974 in Jamaica, Queens, New York) was a singer\actress who first made her acting debut when she was 7 years old in a national tour of the musical “Annie.”
ready-to-follow-youIn 1988, then-14-year-old Dana released her first single “Ready to Follow You” which managed to peak at #15 on the SNEP charts in France and also managed to chart in Belgium as well.
pnymeIn 1991, she released her debut album “Paris New York And Me” on Columbia Records. It’s unknown how or if the album charted at all, but it was certified Gold in France.

The first single from the album “Romantic World” peaked at #4 on the SNEP charts in France and also in Belgium & Sweden as well. The follow-up single “Tell Me Bonita” also peaked at #4 on the SNEP charts in France.

The third single released from Dana’s debut album “Open Hearts” peaked at #24 on the SNEP charts in France. The last single from the album “Moving On” failed to chart at all.

Despite gaining success in France, Dana took a two-year break starting in 1993 to give her career more international impact. She later signed a record deal with EMI Records in the United Kingdom.
black-butterflyIn 1995, she released her sophomore (and last album to date) “Black Butterfly” which also didn’t appear to make the album charts at all.
3-is-familyThe first single from the album “3 is Family” peaked at #9 on the U.K. Singles chart and #59 on the music charts in Germany.

The second single released from the album “Got to Give Me Love” peaked at #27 on the U.K. Singles chart and the third single “Show Me” peaked at #28 on the U.K. Singles.
how-i-wanna-be-lovedThe last single released from Dana’s sophomore album “How I Wanna Be Loved” peaked at #42 on the U.K. Singles chart. The song was included on a U.K. re-issue of the “Black Butterfly” album.

In 1997, Dana collaborated on the Dolce & Gabbana single “More, More, More” (a cover version of the Andrea True Connection’s one-hit wonder song from the ’70s). She later went on to become an understudy in the national tour of “Rent” in the role of Mimi in 2000 and joined the show’s Broadway cast a year later in 2001.
nice-lifeDuring that same year, Dana released the single “Nice Life” which was only released in France, but didn’t chart. The song was featured in an episode of the Disney Channel series “Lizzie McGuire” and on the show’s soundtrack.

From October 2003 to August of 2004, Dana was featured in the Broadway production of “Little House of Horrors”. On July 7, 2007, she married New York jazz musician Jason Curry.

Sadly on August 10, 2010, Dana passed away from colon cancer at the age of 36 after battling the disease for just 10 months. She was a talented young singer and will never be forgotten.

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hearsayHear’Say were a British pop group created through the U.K. version of the reality TV series “Popstars.”

The group originally consisted of Danny Foster (born on May 3, 1979 in Hackney, England), Myleene Klass (born Myleene Angela Klass on April 6, 1978 in Gorleston, Norfolk, England), Kim Marsh (born Kimberley Gail Marsh on June 13, 1976 in Whiston, Merseyside, England), Suzanne Shaw (born Suzanne Christine Crowshaw on September 29, 1981 in Bury, Greater Manchester, England) and Noel Sullivan (born on July 28, 1980 in Cardiff, Wales in the United Kingdom).
pure-simpleIn March of 2001, they released their debut single “Pure and Simple” which topped the U.K. Singles chart for 3 weeks, selling 550,000 copies and becoming the fastest-selling debut single at the time.
popstarsDuring that same month, Hear’Say’s debut album “Popstars” which topped the U.K. Albums chart, selling 306,631 copies during its first week and broke the record for the fastest-selling debut album in U.K. chart history at the time.

Despite that, the album received generally negative reviews from critics, pointing out the artificiality and genericness of both the group and the music.
way-to-your-loveIn June of 2001, the group released their follow-up single “The Way to Your Love” which became their second number-one single, topping the chart for a week and selling 75,514 copies.

Hear’Say was later invited to perform at the 80th birthday celebrations of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and appeared on the ITV television show “Hear’Say It’s Saturday” which featured performances, sketches and celebrity guests. After that, they had a mini-series called “Meet the Popstars” which was intended to allow the public to get to know the group away from the talent show format.

In August of 2001, Hear’Say toured in the United Kingdom and they initially announced five more dates which quickly sold out and caused them to schedule 30 more dates, but they struggled to sell out, leaving hundreds of tickets unsold. They also released a live DVD.
everybodyWhile on tour, Hear’Say recorded their second album “Everybody” which was released in November of 2001 and peaked at #24 on the U.K. Albums chart. The title song managed to peak at #4 on the U.K. Singles chart.

Despite the album’s somewhat moderate success, it was certified Gold by the BPI a decade after it was released.

Later on, tabloids began reporting that Kym Marsh (who gained attention because of her relationship with former “EastEnders” actor Jack Ryder) left Hear’Say due to feuds with Myleene Klass, but a representative for the group denied those reports. In January of 2002, Kym announced that she was leaving the group and later revealed that she often fought with Myleene and Noel Sullivan.

Auditions were held to find a replacement for Kym Marsh and Johnny Shentall (born on September 3, 1978 from the United Kingdom & the husband of singer Lisa Scott-Lee) joined the group in February of 2002, but there was controversy when it was discovered that Johnny was a member of a short-lived pop music group called Boom! and was a back-up dancer for Hear’Say.

In March of 2002, Hear’Say cancelled their planned arena tour (which was to promote their sophomore album) to allow Johnny time to settle into the group. The group began recording their third album and during the summer of 2002, when they toured the U.K. radio roadshows circuit, they were constantly booed & abused by the public.

During Hear’Say’s tour, their vehicle was threatened by an apparently armed man at a motorway service on the M1 motorway in Leicestershire. Even though the man claimed it was a prank, he was later arrested for his actions.
loving-is-easyIn August of 2002, the group released their only single featuring Johnny Shentall called “Lovin’ is Easy” which peaked at #6 on the U.K. Singles chart, making it their lowest-charting single to date.

Media reports speculated that the group’s record label, Polydor Records wanted it to at least reach the U.K. Top 5 and it was believed that Hear’Say would be dropped from the label even though there was no official word about it.

In October of 2002, Hear’Say disbanded, citing “abuse from the public” as the main reason for it, but they also admitted that they were a fad that had passed & their popularity was overshadowed by another “Popstars” music act called Liberty X.

Since then, the former members of Hear’Say have continued to be active in the entertainment business.

Myleene Klass went on to pursue a solo career and released a classical music album called “Moving On” in 2003. She has also worked as a presenter & co-host for shows such as “CD:UK,” the U.S. version of “I’m a Celebrity…. Get Me Out of Here”, “Popstar to Operastar”, “Escape from Scorpion Island”, “Last Choir Standing” and was also part of the quiz panel for the BBC’s “The National Lottery People’s Quiz.”

She was also a co-host of BBC One’s “The One Show” before quitting in August of 2007 to give birth to a daughter named Ava. Myleene has also worked with various charities and is an ambassador for the National Foundation for Youth Music (which is a children’s music charity).

In 2003, Kym Marsh released a solo album called “Standing Tall” and had three Top 40 hits in the U.K. with the songs “Cry,” “Come Over” and “Sentimental.”

She later went on to be a guest presenter on the show “Loose Women” and appeared on the show “Making Your Mind Up” (which was devised to pick a singer & song for the Eurovision Song Contest), but didn’t win. She also participated in the first series of “Popstar to Operastar”, but was later eliminated from the competition.

Since 2006, Kym is appearing in the U.K. soap opera “Coronation Street” in the role of Michelle Connor and won the award for “Best Newcomer” at the 2007 British Soap Awards. She married Jack Ryder in 2002, but they separated in 2008.

In 2012, Kym married her boyfriend, Jamie Lomas, but they divorced in 2014. She also has four children: son David (born in April of 1995), daughter Emily (born in January of 1998), a son Archie (who was born in February of 2009, but passed away due to complications from his premature birth) and daughter Polly (born in March of 2011).

Kym also appears to be on good terms with her former bandmates Noel Sullivan and Myleene Klass.

Suzanne Shaw went on to have a successful career as a singer and a stage actress, appearing in plays such as “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “Chicago” and “White Christmas”).

She also appeared on the U.K. soap opera “Emmerdale” in the role of Eve Birch from 2010 to 2011 and also competed on the ITV series “Dancing on Ice.”

Suzanne also had a high-profile relationship with singer\actor Darren Day and they had a son named Corey in 2004, but they have since separated. In 2009, she married her long-term boyfriend, Jason King (who is one-half of presenting duo JK and Joel) and in 2015, she gave birth to her second son named Rafferty.

Noel Sullivan is also a stage performer, appearing in shows & musicals such as such as the West End musical “Love Shack”, “What a Feeling”, “Grease” and “Footloose.” He is currently portraying the role of Freddy in the 2015-16 UK tour of “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.”

Since Hear’Say disbanded, Danny Foster kept a low profile, but these days, he performs as part of his own live act called “Danny Foster & The Big Soul Corporation”.

As for Johnny Shentall, he appared on MTV’s “Totally” with his wife, Lisa Scott-Lee, whom he married in 2004 and they have two children: son Jaden (born in February of 2008) and daughter Lily (born in September of 2009). He has also appeared in musicals such as “Starlight Exprsss” and appeared on the ITV2 show “CelebAir” with his wife, finishing in 6th & 7th place.

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