imageZan (born William Aquart) was an R&B singer from the late 80s. Not much information is given about him, but he was signed to Warner Bros. Records & wrote songs for artists such as Basic Black, Robin S. and Today.
imageIn 1989, he released his self-titled debut album which didn’t appear to make a lot of impact on the charts. Teddy Riley and Gene Griffin produced & arranged some of the songs on the album.

imageTwo singles were released from the album: “House You” and “I Ain’t the One,” but neither of them made any music charts at all.
imageAfter that, nothing much was heard from Zan until 1994 when he & artist Wandalis released the single “You’re So Vain” on Pulse-8 Records. The single was released in the United Kingdom and peaked at #173 on the U.K. Singles chart.

These days, it’s unknown what Zan is up to these days and it appears as if he has faded into obscurity.

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